For the past several decades, David Beskar has demonstrated exceptional abilities as a teacher, administrator, programmer, and coach. To say he’s worn a lot of hats throughout the course of his career is an understatement. David has taught all levels of math, astronomy, chemistry, and physics as a teacher. He has taken schools into the digital era as a network professional by building up and running their computer networks. David Beskar has managed school culture, developed the school’s vision and directed the academies’ expansion as Dean and Headmaster of Schools. He was in charge of hiring and mentoring personnel, allocating teaching tasks, managing school budgets, and developing and controlling educational and moral culture at two charter schools, Archway Trivium and Trivium Prep academies.

David Beskar firmly believes that students should be provided a holistic approach to education. He believes that a person’s mind and soul can be equipped through education with the necessary skills to achieve success in whatever field they choose to pursue. He has been drawn to roles with organizations that benefit society, and is very proud of his history as a hardworking, adaptable professional who can thrive in an ever-changing environment. He has always been a part of organizations that are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

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